Lamarmora - FR A

FR A filippo ratini architetto
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Milan, Italy, 1300 sf
The apartment of about 75 square meters + 50 of attic is located in the center of Milan in a splendid Art Nouveau building from the early 1900s. Both the facade and the common areas of the building fully reflect the characteristics of this style in their "ambrosiana" declination. The main idea of the project was to connect the two levels through a series of structural works that led to the cut of the existing reinforced concrete floor, the installation of structural steel beams in support and the installation of a custom winding staircase, the fulcrum of the new living area.
From a stylistic point of view, we tried as much as possible to leave the original flavor unchanged without renouncing to ideas that could declare the modernity of the intervention. In fact, if on one side original quilts and window frames have been restored and maintained and the typical oak parquet has been re-introduced, on the other, elements with a marked modernity have been added such as the natural steel and the new structural elements deliberately declared in order to create an interesting contrast.
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